A Feast for the Eyes | The 10 Most Delicious Movies About Food

When I am not busy exploring the world, or finding new restaurants to excite my tastebuds, I really enjoy going to the cinema with my husband and friends, or just putting my feet up in front of the TV and putting on an all-time favourite film. What I particularly enjoy is a great movie about food—a feast for the eyes, a fusion of two things that I’m really excited about—when done well, it deepens my passion (and knowledge) for food.

Burnt is coming out soon, a movie based on a screenplay by Steven Knight and Michael Kalesniko and developed in part by a man who greatly influenced the London dining scene: Marcus Wareing.  I have high hopes for this film. In the meantime, while I eagerly await the release of Burnt, I would like to share my list of top 10 food-related movies to whet your appetite. Of course, these are based on my personal taste, so I would be pleased to hear your thoughts and welcome your recommendations, if you are happy to share your list with me. Bon appetit! Enjoy…

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Quotes I Love | People Who Inspire

We live in such a beautiful world full of magic and wonder. There are endless new experiences, foods, cultures, and people—all influence me and inspire me. Below are a list of people who affect me on a daily basis, and their words that help me shape my journey in life. Their affections for life really inspire me. I intend to keep this blogpost alive to share the inspirational words of wisdoms, … Continue reading Quotes I Love | People Who Inspire