Afternoon Tea | The Old Parsonage, Oxford

Oxford, one of the world’s most famous university cities, is on top of the list when visiting England for its beauty and history. Oxford holds a special place in my heart — it’s where my husband and many of our friends went to university. In addition to exploring the many famous attractions Oxford has to offer, e.g. one of the colleges such as Christ Church, the Radcliffe Camera, the Bodleian Library and the Bridge of Sighs to name a few, slow down and indulge in an afternoon tea. After all, what would be more British than having afternoon tea in this privileged city!? Yes, there are quite a few tea houses and lovely cafés serving traditional afternoon teas; but in my heart one place stands out above the rest — The Old ParsonageContinue reading “Afternoon Tea | The Old Parsonage, Oxford”

Vegetarian & Vegan | Mildreds (Soho)

Tue 26th July 2016 I am not a vegetarian, but I love this place. This is the second time I dined at Mildreds (Soho) – this time, I came with a vegetarian friend, Iris. I had been looking forward to this since we arranged to come here together weeks ago. Who would have thought – a meat-eater getting so excited about a vegetarian / vegan restaurant? Well, this … Continue reading Vegetarian & Vegan | Mildreds (Soho)

Richmond upon Thames, London

Richmond upon Thames, a jewel in London’s crown, which was once upon a time a suburban town in Virginia Woolf’s London, is now unequivocally one of London’s most attractive boroughs. This little gem nestled in London’s Southwest corner, has long been a favourite retreat for Royalty and the rich and famous, and it’s so easy to see why. It has the breathtaking river view – not the urban type lined with the awe-inspiring skyscrapers, … Continue reading Richmond upon Thames, London

Small and Beautiful | Luxembourg

Luxembourg, a tiny country tucked away in the centre of Europe, is not frequently on the Euro-travellers’ bucket lists when compared with its neighbouring countries of Germany, Belgium and France. Simply put, when I spoke to friends before visiting there, I was greeted with looks of mild curiosity mixed with slight confusion. “Why?” they asked, and “I hear it’s quite a boring place.” was a response I had heard on a number of occasions. Having spent a weekend there, I can only say how wrong they were, and how grateful I am for not being put off by these lukewarm reactions. In the case of Luxembourg City, capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, size isn’t everything — small really is beautiful. Continue reading “Small and Beautiful | Luxembourg”

Taste of China | Beijing, Shanghai & Hong Kong

As Deborah Cater nicely summed up in a few words, you have to taste a culture to understand it. China, the land with 4 thousand years of history is no short of exquisite food culture. It will be hard to cover it all—You will need a few weeks at least to experience different provinces in order to gain some appreciation of the culture in China … Continue reading Taste of China | Beijing, Shanghai & Hong Kong

Sunday Lunch | Skylon

Sunday 11th October 2015 For a Sunday luncheon catching up with my female friends, Skylon is a place that cannot fail: setting on the first floor of the Royal Festival Hall, high ceilings flooded with light with superb Thames views from soaring windows, delightful staff, and a lovely pianist playing relaxing tunes at the background. It’s been a couple of years since I last visited Skylon and it remains … Continue reading Sunday Lunch | Skylon

Iranian | Mahdi

Thu 15th October 2015

My husband and I found Mahdi, the Persian restaurant in Hammersmith (London) by chance, many years ago, when my cousins came to visit us. It was a beautiful Friday summery evening so we decided to go for a stroll along the Thames. We intended to have dinner at a gastro, but on our way there we were drawn into Mahdi by the deliciously inviting smell of their Iranian bread freshly made in their tandoor-style oven. Over the years, Mahdi still remains a favourite local cheap-eats—it’s great value for money, consistently good and does not disappoint.

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A Feast for the Eyes | The 10 Most Delicious Movies About Food

When I am not busy exploring the world, or finding new restaurants to excite my tastebuds, I really enjoy going to the cinema with my husband and friends, or just putting my feet up in front of the TV and putting on an all-time favourite film. What I particularly enjoy is a great movie about food—a feast for the eyes, a fusion of two things that I’m really excited about—when done well, it deepens my passion (and knowledge) for food.

Burnt is coming out soon, a movie based on a screenplay by Steven Knight and Michael Kalesniko and developed in part by a man who greatly influenced the London dining scene: Marcus Wareing.  I have high hopes for this film. In the meantime, while I eagerly await the release of Burnt, I would like to share my list of top 10 food-related movies to whet your appetite. Of course, these are based on my personal taste, so I would be pleased to hear your thoughts and welcome your recommendations, if you are happy to share your list with me. Bon appetit! Enjoy…

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Quotes I Love | People Who Inspire

We live in such a beautiful world full of magic and wonder. There are endless new experiences, foods, cultures, and people—all influence me and inspire me. Below are a list of people who affect me on a daily basis, and their words that help me shape my journey in life. Their affections for life really inspire me. I intend to keep this blogpost alive to share the inspirational words of wisdoms, … Continue reading Quotes I Love | People Who Inspire

American | Big Easy (Covent Garden)

Sat 10th October 2015

I’ve been visiting Big Easy for a long time, ever since I moved to London so many years ago, but always the Chelsea branch. I do like lobsters and Big Easy on King’s Road became my go-to place whenever I fancied somewhere affordable, where I could devouring a lobster and enjoying a nice cocktail or two. This has become a long-lasting tradition of mine, way before the day when the first Burger & Lobster restaurant opened in London’s Mayfair (in December 2011) and soon started multiplying and taking over the London lobster scene.

Big Easy Covent Garden opened its doors in March 2014, so it’s not brand new, but is still extremely popular and booking is highly recommended to avoid disappointment, despite it’s 300 covers at any time. (At least they accept reservations, which is a lot better than so many other trendy restaurants in central London these days.) Once you have walked through the long tunnel from the main entrance, the restaurant suddenly opens up. The place is big, and ticks all the boxes for a good American eatery—metal cages, wooden blocks, low-hanging light shades, dark ambient lighting… It has quite an industrial feel, rightfully making homage to its past—the venue was previously the original home of the Charing Cross & Strand Electricity Supply Corporation. I cannot fault the decor of Big Easy Covent Garden—after all, interior here was all designed by Macaulay Sinclair, who are responsible for the fantastic interiors at Hawksmoor.

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