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Who I Am

Hi there! I’m Jessy, Beijing bred, London based. Inspired by my wanderlust and love to eat. Welcome to Savoured Escapes, a little blog dedicated to all the people out there who share my passion of local dishes around the globe, good wines and a bit of adventure.

I spent my early childhood in Beijing, the capital of the world’s second-largest country land area, living with my parents and paternal grandparents. I then moved to the UK in my mid-teen and have since spent half of my lifetime in London—a true metropolis another capital city that I love.

From an early age, I had a huge appetite for experiencing worldly cuisines, which was greatly influenced by Beijing itself (a city that offers countless memorable oriental dishes, which unify apt names, aromas, flavours and colours) and greatly enhanced by my grandparents who had devoted their diplomatic career in numerous countries around the globe (Cuba, France, Algeria to name a few…). Some of my earliest memories were filled with my big loving family, laughters and foods(!), ranging from bizarre delicacies at Beijing’s night market to classic French cuisines of the cordon bleu standard. I vividly remember crunching and swallowing deep-fried scorpions (a tiny one inside each perfectly fried prawn cracker) whist holding my breadth—purely due to my motto of “I’ll try whatever grandaddy eats!“. Of course, don’t be scared… this is not a typical representative of my daily quest for great experiences and worldly cuisines to savour.

My Vision

I have been meaning to find a way to document and savour the places and moments that make me happy – a bit of an escape (long or short). This blog will form a platform to transcribe my journey through the great cuisines and enjoyments of the world. Hopefully by sharing my experiences, I can also give back a little bit to the world:

Restaurant Reviews – the London dining scenes (from social gatherings to intimately romantic settings)
Delectable Travels – exploration: wanders and wonders (where food and travel intertwine)
Food for Thought – food and travel related rants and randoms
…and more to come… (watch this space for locations further afield!)

Let’s savour the world together, a forkful at a time! x

Contact information

If you are interested in finding out more about one of the locations I have blogged about, please feel free to tweet me. You can follow me on Twitter or Instagram. Your comments or feedback are also welcome.

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